The server has White-list on, so if you are new and want to join, please send in a request here


Some rules:

1. Do not build close to the spawn. Be sure to move far enough to reduce server lag and to avoid disbursing other members.

2. If you find out that you have started to build on another member’s property, the first member who built there have the authority to ask you build another place.

3. Respect other members. We are all members of the same team.

4. Do not run around and kill each other except if everyone wants to “play” pvp. Killing others can result in ban.

5. Spawning things is not allowed. This server is Vanilla, let us keep it that way.

6. Usage of foul languages looked down on. Also include statements like “YOLO” and “SWAG”. Usage of these words and foul language will result in temporary kicking from the server.


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